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With its beautifully staged, historic interior it can be difficult to tear yourself away from the inner recesses of the Inn, but just beyond the house and cottages lay endless possibilities. From the pristine landscaping, to the stunning views of sunsets and sunrises, to the rustic barn and historic horse carriages, there are many gems to discover during your stay with us at The Combsberry Inn. Take an early morning stroll to the docks, enjoy a few hours on the water paddle boarding, or unwind in the secret garden. Beauty, history, and charm await you!
two red adirondack chairs by large tree facing water
waterfront view with pier and kayaks laying on ground
two buggys parked in empty barn with old couch by pole
empty buggy parked in empty barn at combsberry inn
green grass and large lush tree by water at combsberry inn oxford md
kayaks laying on grass by tree and pier by water at combsberry inn
view of house across from water from pier with crabpot sitting on edge
view of water from outside combsberry inn with trees on either side and blue sky
entrance gate to garden by brick house at combsberry inn
trees fountain walkway and side of brick house at combsberry inn
side of brick house behind garden with fountain oxford md
wild purple iris with open field in background at combsberry inn
open grassy field with sun shining at combsberry inn
sunset shining through trees over field at combsberry inn
wisteria vines in bloom at combsberry inn oxford
combsberry inn oxford md daffodil bush
brown dog walking on snow covered driveway with sun poking through trees
brown barn with snow covered ground
house from across waters view with river grass and pink sky
brick house at combsberry inn with pink sky at sunset
birds in water at combsberry inn surrounded by frozen ground and trees
pink evening sky with partially frozen water at combsberry inn md
lightpole by bush and snowy driveway at combsberry inn oxford md
deer eating grass at night by lightpole at combsberry inn
pink sky over water at combsberry inn in oxford md
dog on leash standing in field by water at combsberry inn md
sunrise over tree line and field at combsberry inn
turkeys sitting on branches in trees at combsberry in oxford md
morning glory bush at combsberry inn maryland
fawn standing in front of shrub at combsberry inn oxford md
two deer eating grass at combsberry inn oxford md
baby raccoon in tree with heading poking out looking up
baby raccoon poking head out of hole in tree
purple wisteria bloomed on tree at combsberry inn
tree at waters edge and pier at combsberry inn oxford md
blooming white magnolia on bush at combsberry inn md
woman holding baby raccoon in hands at combsberry inn oxford md
two large purple zinnias on bush combsberry inn
two white flowers on vine on ground at combsberry inn oxford md
tree and branch in water by river grass
leaf floating in river at combsberry inn
river grass on waters edge
boats up on lifts by water at combsberry inn oxford md
single dandelion in grass with leaves
close up of one dandelion
bright red berries on branch combsberry inn
faint sunlight shining through leaves and branches
red berries and green leaves hanging from branches
close up of orange flower center
outside latern light hanging on side of building
old wooden buggy sitting in empty building at combsberry inn
close up shot of metal wheel on buggy combsberry inn
close up of red metal wheel on buggy
sign in field by side of the road
big yard with two adirondack chairs looking out to water
two adirondack chairs sitting in grass by waters edge
kayaks laying on ground by pier and water
grassline by water at combsberry inn
long pier leading out to water at combsberry in oxford md
shallow clear water with leaves floating around
empty bench on dock by pier and water at combsberry inn
small gray house with picket fence deck
open yard with yellow leaves on ground and sun shining through trees
large tree in backyard of combsberry inn oxford md
houses sitting behind trees in yard with yellow leaves
two empty adirondack chairs by water with houses in distance
brick house in distance behind two trees
front view of brick house at combsberry inn oxford md
large gray barn sitting on hillside in oxford md
inside of empty barn at combsberry in in maryland
carriage with red wheels inside of barn oxford maryland
carriage inside of building
brick gate entrance at combsberry inn oxford md
A view from the dock outside the Combsberry Inn Oxford MD

During our off-season from November to March, the Cottage and Carriage House will be available for rent with a 20% off discount to accommodate for a temporary absence of breakfast.


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